Your ultimate guide to the most stylish addresses to stay in London on your next vacation!

London, a city that exudes charm and allure, has undoubtedly captured the hearts of many. Whether it be through travel or residing in its bustling streets, we have all been touched by the vibrant energy and rich history that permeates every corner. Known as a melting pot of cultures, London embraces diversity and proudly stands as a true fusion of nationalities, making it a truly unique and cosmopolitan destination.

For those seeking an unforgettable stay in this captivating city, FOYER presents its top ten most stylish choices. Combining impeccable design, luxurious amenities, and a prime location, these accommodations offer the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. From boutique hotels tucked away in trendy neighbourhoods to lavish luxury addresses boasting breathtaking views of iconic landmarks, each option is carefully curated to cater to the discerning tastes of London’s visitors


Number 16

The drawing room at the Number 16 is a bright yet cosy space, only available to the residents of the hotel and their guests. It is an ideal space to entertain or relax, in a very stylish home-like setting. Image credit: Firmdale Hotels

A hotel that is part of Kit Kemp’s hospitality project, Number 16 is a true example of a hotel with a home away from home vibe. Situated in the heart of South Kensington, the hotel or so to say the townhouse has tree-filled natural gardens, a stunning drawing room and a wonderful Orangery. The Orangery at the Number 16 has access to the lush gardens and is a fresh and bright space, designed in the true KitKemp aesthetic with curated hand-picked art. The rooms at the property are all individually designed by the creative director Kit Kemp herself. They are colourful, airy, and an ideal abode for a slow-life living soul, with gorgeous views of the gardens outside. The 41 bedrooms spread all along the hotel, even in the attic, and are styled in a whole lot of patterns, coloured walls, textured curtains and velvet accents, in a sophisticated true English style. 


The Hoxton, Southwark

The Seabird bar on the rooftop at The Hoxton, Southwark will transport you to a coastal escape through flavours of Southern Europe, and dazzling city views. Image credit: The Hoxton

Located by the Blackfriars bridge in London, The Hoxton, Southwark is within walking distance from the Southbank and many nearby attractions. The hotel is designed in an industrial chic style, inspired by the industrial factories in the neighbourhood. The Hoxton has many industrial elements such as expansive crittal windows, concrete ceilings and bare brick walls. Hoxton chain of hotels, part of the Ennismore group, is designed by the in-house design team at Ennismore. Large leafy potted plants, cane and wicker furniture are very much an inherent part of the design. Hoxton is a place to be, to work, to meet, to socialize and to have a good time, and this is very evident in their design sensibilities. 


Nomad Hotel

The glass-topped atrium at the NoMad London, is a plant lover retreat, with tiered hanging gardens, with a mix of different foliage. The center trough at the ground level, has miniature orange trees with ferns giving it a more tropical citrus flair. Image credit: Simon Upton

The very first NoMad, when opened in Manhattan, kick-started the whole neighbourhood just north of Madison Square Park. The hotel had a lovely bar that became quite the spot in the area. NoMad Hotels know how to have fun and get the party started. The hotel is a juxtaposition of New York and London and is located in a grade II historic building famously known as The Bow Street Magistrates Court and Police Station. It was the heritage and history of this building that appealed to Andrew Zobler. NoMad London was the first property outside the States, and Zobler brought in Roman and Williams to completely reanimate the entire space whilst keeping the history and architecture intact. The bedrooms have soaring ceiling heights, which have been layered on with heavy velvet and deep-coloured curtains. There is a mix of newly made furniture with an articulate curation of antiques and art. The most outstanding feature of the hotel is a three-story atrium, right in the heart of the property with a glass ceiling, which connects the historic part of the building with the newly built rear part.


The Twenty-Two

The bedrooms at the Twenty Two London, are sensual in contrasting blue and white hues, layered with plush velvets, for an ultra-chic experience. Image credit: The Twenty-Two

The twenty-two is set in an Edwardian manor, just on Grosvenor Square. The house has been converted into a 31-room hotel and members-only club. Natalia Miyar, a predominantly residential interior designer, known for her very vibrant and inviting interiors, has converted the space into a very chic sensual abode. There is nothing that has not been thought of or carefully curated at the twenty-two, from the plush bedrooms, painted in a gorgeous sensual blue, with red accents to the black and white bathrooms, every detail ought to create a wonderful sexy atmosphere. Be it the stunning Pierre Frey fabrics, classic rotary dial phones, or the layering of wallpapers and fabrics, every detail is what makes this a clear favourite. A place that has a very secretive flair, yet a very relatable approach. If you wish to be located in one of the best neighbourhoods of London and want to stay in a newly done trendy space, without the weight of classic old interiors, the Twenty-two is a great choice.


Ham Yard Hotel

The Orangery and Shade bar at the Ham Yard is a light and airy space, with quirky accents and handpicked art. Image credit: Firmdale Hotels

The Ham Yard Hotel located in the Soho district, draws inspiration from the very edgy, eclectic and fashionable neighborhood. The third built-from-ground property by Firmdale Hotels, a company owned by Kit Kemp Design, has a very distinct landscape which serves as an inspiration for architects Wood Bagot. The architects designed the building in such a way, that right at the centre of it is a new public square with large oak trees. Kit Kemp is known for her attention to detail, and no detail here has gone unnoticed. From the architectural details to the smallest interior detailing, everything has been well thought out. The hotel has a stylish restaurant, a bar, a state-of-the-art theatre, shops, a courtyard and a bowling alley. The bedrooms have oversized headboards, which are layered with patterns, solid borders and gorgeous rivets for detailing. It’s almost like every room has a different colour palette and vibe, and this is what makes Firmdale Hotels, a favourite always.


The Cadogan, A Belmond Hotel 

Indulging in pure luxury at Belmond Hotel UK, where elegance meets enchantment. Every moment feels like a dream in this idyllic retreat; Image credit: Firmdale Hotels

In February 2019, the Cadogan opened its doors after a very expensive multi-million-pound renovation. The Belmond Hotel has a notable connection with two icons, Oscar Wilde and Lillie Langtry. Belmond has preserved the historic five Queen Anne-style buildings, and given the space true British-style interiors but with a contemporary touch. Hotel guests also get private access to the Cadogan Gardens and the tennis courts. While it is located in the very plush Sloane Street, in the Knightsbridge area, within walking distance from the Chelsea Physic gardens, it truly is a stylish retreat within the heart of London, without being overwhelming, embracing quiet luxury in its very essence. 


The Prince Akatoki

The Malt Lounge and bar at the Prince Akatoki is a Japanese-inspired bar, a destination in the Marble Arch area for Japanese whiskey and cocktail lovers. Its straight line and minimalistic aesthetic are what sets it apart and make it a popular spot amount travel connoisseurs. Image credit: The Prince Akatoki

The 82-room property, housed in a Georgian-style building, is a true taste of Japanese hospitality, in the heart of London city. In a city like London, the Akatoki is your Japanese-inspired getaway into tranquillity. The location is right in the heart of London, just two blocks from the very busy and touristy Oxford Street and Marble Arch. A first of its kind in London City, the Prince Hotels, have left no stone unturned on this one, to showcase their expertise in design and hospitality. The hotel is a true testament to Japanese-style minimalism and clean lines. The rooms have a calming colour palette, with tones of creams, beiges, light wooden furniture, and soft yet warm lighting. The spaces have a very tone-on-tone play of materials, lending them a very serene charm. The hotel has a great whiskey specialist at the Malt Bar, and some great Japanese fusion food at the TOKii restaurant. They provide their guests with traditional yuk gowns, at turn down, with complete instructions on how to wear them the correct way. Also, loose tea by the bedside is just the kind of turn-down service one needs, after a long day in the city.


The Ned London

The bar at the Ned London used to originally be a vault of a bank. A lot of the key features and details of the vault have been retained, making it a very unusual yet opulent experience, transporting back in time. Image credit: The Ned

Housed in a Midlands Bank in the City of London, the Ned is a 252-bedroom hotel, designed by Alice Lund. This historic Grade-1 Listed building was originally designed in 1924 by the celebrated British architect  Edward Lutyens, who also designed Delhi, now known as Lutyens Delhi. The source of inspiration was the design and detailing of the building itself. Soho House, along with Sydell Group took on this project and it was designed by Soho House’s in-house designer Alice Lund. The ground floor of the hotel houses several restaurants and looks. The most interesting space though is the basement of the building, which originally used to be the vault of the bank. They have retained a lot of the original features. The bar is located in the two rooms that once had the safety boxes of the bank. The scale of the building, its architecture, and its interiors all are spectacular. When one comes in here, it feels as if you have been transported to another time. The very opulence of the building is very unlike today’s architecture and design, and hence feels like an escape from reality, in a good way. 


The Londoner Hotel 

The Londoner is a vibe in itself, with a very moody palette, dim lighting, and rich velvets. There is this sense of secrecy, yet keeping it very glam, all in a very understated contemporary way. Image credit: The Londoner

Located on Leicester Square, the building that houses the Londoner, is built eight floors below ground level, this is quite a feat in itself. The hotel has been designed to make one feel disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the city. The 350-bedroom hotel has a very secretive and dim vibe, almost quite cinema-like but at the same time, feels very party-like and glitzy, with a whole lot of velvet and glamour. The hotel has a Mediterranean spa which is much needed in a fast city like London, to slow down and indulge in some luxurious self-care. The hotel has a wonderful art collection, along with beautifully lined velvet chaise in pink, further paired with blue glazed tiled bathrooms, the rooms at Londoner are quite a retreat. 


Page 8 

The lobby at Page 8, London is merged into a part bar and part coffeehouse, making it quite a destination in the neighbourhood. Image credit: Page Hotels

The 138-room property is located just ahead of the very touristy Trafalgar Square. The hotel is ideal for someone looking for smart and minimalist rooms, with clean lines. This building was earlier occupied as the Post Office and Redwood Publishing at St. Martin’s Place. It is a walk away from West End, which is surrounded by many eateries, pubs and galleries. This is the second property by Page Hotels, and was styled by William Dixon Interiors, and designed in an industrial chic style. The coffee shop is relatively small, but within a small walking distance are some great cafés and restaurants, including. Pret A Manger, if one wants to grab a quick bite. The rooms on the Page 8 are very minimal with accents of chrome and deep blue, letting the surrounding take the spotlight. 


Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of London and indulge in its world-class dining, vibrant nightlife, and thriving arts scene. Uncover the secrets of the city’s historic streets, marvel at its architectural marvels, and embrace the eclectic mix of styles that define its character. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or embarking on your first London adventure, these top ten stylish choices by FOYER guarantee an exceptional stay that epitomizes the essence of this extraordinary city.

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