Unveiling the World of Designers Redefining Lighting

Lighting design is an art form that shapes our surroundings, creating captivating and immersive experiences within spaces. In this article, we delve into the work of visionary designers who are pushing the boundaries of lighting design, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary realms. Join us on a journey that showcases the brilliance and creativity of these luminous innovators.


Jade Design House 

Infusing spaces with nature’s grace, lighting installations inspired by delicate flora and fauna motifs captivate the eye; Image Credits: Jade Design House

Crafting Ethereal Illumination Jade Design House, led by the talented designer Manasi Jade, has gained acclaim for creating lighting installations that transcend conventional boundaries. Drawing inspiration from nature’s wonders, Jade seamlessly integrates organic elements into her designs. Her signature collection, inspired by delicate flora and fauna, brings a touch of enchantment to any space. Whimsical chandeliers resembling blooming flowers, and pendant lights reminiscent of cascading leaves—Jade’s creations are a captivating blend of artistry and functionality. Each piece is meticulously crafted, with the interplay of light and form captivating viewers’ imaginations.











Arjun Rathi

Mastering light as an art form, Arjun Rathi sculpts emotions through geometric installations, intertwining design and architecture seamlessly; Image Credits: Arjun Rathi

Arjun Rathi, a master of sculptural lighting, combines his expertise in architecture and design to create awe-inspiring installations. Each of Arjun’s pieces is meticulously crafted, playing with forms, materials, and shadows to evoke emotions and transform spaces. His captivating installations, often inspired by geometric shapes, take on a life of their own, casting mesmerizing patterns and captivating viewers. Arjun’s work leaves a lasting impression, from large-scale installations adorning public spaces to intricate designs gracing private residences. With an ability to manipulate light and shadow, Arjun sculpts spaces, creating a dynamic interplay that evokes wonder and curiosity.











Klove Studio 

A celebration of glass’s elegance, Klove Studio crafts enchanting chandeliers and pendant lights that dance with mesmerizing patterns of light; Image credits: Let Us Publish

Klove Studio, helmed by the visionary duo Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth, celebrates the elegance and versatility of glass as a medium for lighting design. Their hand-blown glass installations, ranging from cascading chandeliers to intricately designed pendant lights, exude a timeless charm. Klove Studio’s creations beautifully blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics, infusing spaces with a poetic interplay of light and texture. The transparency and fluidity of glass allow light to dance and reflect, creating mesmerizing patterns and casting ethereal glows. Each piece tells a story, evoking emotions and immersing viewers in a world of enchantment.











Lights by Tisva 

Bridging technology and aesthetics, Lights by Tisva empowers users to curate ambiences with cutting-edge smart lighting solutions; Image Credits: Lights by Tisva

Lights by Tisva, a pioneer in the field of smart lighting, seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with artistic design. Their innovative range of products allows users to control and personalize lighting experiences with ease. Whether it’s adjusting brightness levels, changing colour temperatures, or creating dynamic lighting scenes, Lights by Tisva empowers individuals to curate the perfect ambience for any occasion. With intelligent lighting solutions, users can transform a space from vibrant and energetic to calm and serene with a simple tap on their smart devices. Lights by Tisva exemplifies the marriage of functionality and aesthetics, demonstrating how technology can enhance and elevate the art of lighting design.










Olie Living 

Breathing life into spaces, Olie Living Lighting’s kinetic designs and dynamic light sculptures redefine illumination’s creative possibilities; Image Credits: Olie Living Lighting

From the very core of Olie Living’s philosophy emerges the concept of artistry in motion. Their designs are not mere fixtures; they are kinetic sculptures that choreograph a play of light and shadow. With a finesse that captures movement frozen in time, each installation tells a tale of its own, transforming interiors into an engaging theatre of illumination.  Whether adorning a contemporary setting or adding an understated charm to a classic ambience, Olie Living’s pieces embody timeless allure.













Embracing nature’s palette, Oorjaa Design creates bespoke lighting concepts inspired by the elements, harmonizing spaces with organic beauty; Image Credits: Oorjaa Design

More than just fixtures, Oorjaa Design’s creations are sculptures with a purpose. Meticulously sculpted forms channel light in ways that evoke emotions and stimulate contemplation. Each design carries a message—be it an ode to nature’s elegance or a reflection of urban dynamism—transforming rooms into living canvases where light narrates a story.

One of Oorjaa Design’s distinctive hallmarks is their seamless integration of nature’s palette into their work. Their designs echo the organic world, capturing the essence of earth’s elements. Whether through hues reminiscent of dappled forests or forms that mimic the play of waves, their creations bring the outdoors in, fostering a connection between interior spaces and the great outdoors.










Weaving architectural narratives, Lightbox transforms spaces into emotional landscapes, illuminating moods and stories with light; Image Credits: Lightbox Design

With a deep understanding of how light interacts with architecture, Lightbox creates designs that not only illuminate but also evoke emotions and narratives. Each project becomes a chapter in their storytelling, where light guides the reader through an immersive experience. Whether it’s a cosy corner or a bustling commercial area, their designs infuse spaces with a specific atmosphere—be it warmth, inspiration, or introspection—elevating the overall experience. The heart of Lightbox Delhi’s approach lies in balancing various elements. Their designs merge light, shadow, texture, and shape to create visual harmony. Just like a composer arranges notes to create music, Lightbox Delhi orchestrates light to accentuate architectural details and bring out the beauty in design.










The world of lighting design is constantly evolving, driven by the imagination and ingenuity of designers who push boundaries and redefine possibilities. From the ethereal creations of Jade Design House to the sculptural marvels of Arjun Rathi, the timeless elegance of Klove Studio, and the technological innovations of Lights by Tisva, these designers are transforming spaces into captivating realms of light. Through their visionary work, they remind us of the profound impact that thoughtful lighting design can have on our lives, elevating our experiences and transcending the ordinary.

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