Unearthing the Intersection of Bohemian Splendor and Authentic Catalan Artistry with Hotel Hoxton’s Design Panorama in Barcelona

Ennismore, the pioneering hospitality company, marked the inception of The Hoxton series with the opening of its first hotel in London in 2006. Since then, The Hoxton brand has expanded its footprint, with a total of 11 captivating locations across Europe and the United States. For Hoxton, Barcelona, Ennismore’s team of designers drew inspiration from the esteemed architect Ricardo Bofill, whose architectural studio happened to be located close to the hotel. Bofill, who sadly passed away in 2022, was renowned for his distinctive approach that involved incorporating vibrant geometric shapes and transforming derelict cement factories into innovative spaces, including his studio.

According to Charlotte Flynn, senior designer at Ennismore, Bofill served as a chief source of inspiration for the entire project. She explained that his ingenious methods of reimagining and revitalizing old industrial structures greatly influenced the architectural elements of the hotel. Flynn further emphasized that Bofill’s aesthetic resonated with the team, particularly his preference for utilizing locally sourced materials such as ceramic tiles, terracotta, and concrete, which found their way into the design scheme of the hotel.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Barcelona, Hotel Hoxton stands as a testament to the captivating power of design in crafting a truly remarkable hotel experience. Hoxton Barcelona is one of the four openings in Europe in 2022 and only the fourth in continental Europe (after Amsterdam, Paris and Rome). With its seamless fusion of industrial chic, bohemian aesthetics, and a dynamic atmosphere, this contemporary boutique hotel captures the essence of Barcelona’s artistic spirit. Let us embark on a deeper exploration of the design sensibilities that make Hotel Hoxton an enchanting haven for design enthusiasts and discerning travellers alike.


The lobby area welcomes guests with a stylish and inviting atmosphere. Expect to find a combination of vintage and modern furniture pieces, creating a relaxed yet sophisticated ambience. The use of natural materials like wood, stone, and exposed concrete adds a touch of warmth and authenticity to the space; Image Credits: Hoxton


The moment guests step foot into Hotel Hoxton, they are enveloped by an ambience that seamlessly merges the rugged allure of industrial settings with the refined elegance of contemporary design. Housed within an impeccably restored 18th-century building, the interior of the hotel effortlessly blends concrete surfaces, and raw metal accents with sleek furnishings and modern lighting fixtures. The lobby area serves as a vibrant communal space, adorned with captivating artwork and inviting seating arrangements that encourage relaxation and social interaction. The skilful combination of rustic elements and polished design establishes an atmosphere that is simultaneously comfortable and stylish, making guests feel instantly at home. In other areas of the lobby, you’ll discover potted plants, rattan chairs, and other seats covered in textured fabrics and designs. The lobbies at The Hoxton’s various locations are accessible 24 hours a day to both guests and the general public, as they are intentionally created to foster social interactions and serve as community gathering spaces.


As you explore the hotel’s different areas, you’ll encounter a variety of artful touches and curated design elements. Barcelona is known for its incredible architecture, and Hoxton Barcelona pays homage to this with architectural details incorporated into its interiors. From the play of light and shadow to the geometric patterns and clean lines, the design reflects the city’s modernist influence; Image Credits: Hoxton


At the core of Hotel Hoxton’s ethos is a commitment to celebrating local talent and embracing Barcelona’s rich artistic heritage. Throughout the property, a carefully curated collection of artworks takes centre stage, reflecting the city’s diverse cultural landscape. From bold contemporary paintings to striking sculptures, the hotel’s dedication to showcasing local art adds a layer of immersive and authentic experience to guests’ stay. The infusion of local influences extends beyond visual arts and permeates the choice of materials and furnishings throughout the hotel. Embracing sustainability and craftsmanship, Hotel Hoxton incorporates locally sourced woods and handcrafted textiles, paying homage to Barcelona’s traditional artisanal practices. This deliberate integration of local elements creates a sense of place and fosters a deeper connection between guests and the surrounding culture.


With a commitment to authenticity and a creative twist, the pizza place captures the essence of traditional Italian pizza-making while infusing it with the vibrant spirit of Barcelona. It serves as a haven for pizza enthusiasts, offering a diverse menu that caters to all palates and preferences; Image Credits: Hoxton


Hotel Hoxton in Barcelona exudes an alluring bohemian elegance that sets it apart from conventional hotel designs. Every room at The Hoxton in Barcelona showcases the brand’s signature headboard, now adorned in a soothing sage green hue, creating a sense of cohesion throughout the property. Adding to the local flavour, the rooms feature specially commissioned artwork, including an exquisite tapestry positioned behind the bed and framed prints adorning the walls.


The decor combines clean and minimalistic design with colourful accents and locally sourced artwork. Expect a mix of designer furniture, plush bedding, and carefully selected lighting to create a calming and stylish environment; Image Credits: Hoxton


The bathrooms are adorned with white and green tiles, maintaining a clean and refreshing aesthetic. The bathrooms, many of which feature bathtubs, are adorned with terracotta tiles on both the floors and walls. The hotel’s bathrooms are specifically designed with terracotta-tiled floors. As expected from The Hoxton, the design incorporates playful textures throughout the space, such as the use of corrugated wood for the bedside tables, stone lamps, and a personal favourite of FOYER, the terracotta flooring, evoking a distinctly Mediterranean vibe that reminds guests they have left the UK behind. While boasting a total of 240 rooms, The Hoxton in Barcelona manages to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere. The rooms are spread across nine floors, and as guests venture through the corridors, they are greeted by a timeless Hoxton palette of classic pink, with walls featuring charming wavy patterns, inviting visitors into the welcoming spaces beyond.


Expect to find clean lines, quality materials, and a focus on functionality. Hoxton hotels often pay attention to the smallest details, ensuring that the bathroom design seamlessly integrates with the overall room aesthetic; Image Credits: Booking.com


Indulging in delectable cuisine and delightful libations is an integral aspect of any Hoxton hotel experience, and the Barcelona location is no exception. The hotel’s bar seamlessly merges into a bodega, stocked with a tempting array of local delicacies. This leads to a takeaway pizza stand, which opens up to the inviting Four Corners restaurant—a haven for pizza enthusiasts. The outdoor terrace offers a picturesque setting to savour irresistible mozzarella sticks paired with homemade arrabbiata sauce and deep-dish pizzas that boast a perfect balance of indulgent dough and gooey cheese. With just a single slice, you’ll find yourself satisfied and ready to retreat to your room, perhaps with a nightcap in hand.


Hoxton Barcelona also takes pride in its communal spaces, such as the bar and restaurant areas. These spaces exude a lively and convivial atmosphere, blending contemporary design with elements of Barcelona’s culinary and cocktail culture; Image Credits: Hoxton


Undoubtedly, visitors to Barcelona between April and October are keen on making the most of the city’s abundant sunshine. The hotel’s rooftop, featuring a small pool and a comfortable lounge area, serves as the ultimate oasis for such pursuits. From the poolside, guests can enjoy captivating views of the sparkling sea, while the opposite end of the rooftop offers a breathtaking panorama of the iconic La Sagrada Familia. To enhance the rooftop experience, Tope, the hotel’s Mexican taqueria, comes highly recommended. Indulge in a top-notch cocktail selection as you relish the tantalizing flavours of mouthwatering chicken tinga tacos.


The swimming pool at Hoxton Barcelona is not just a place to swim; it’s a visual delight. The pool’s architecture reflects Barcelona’s modernist influence, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and refined elegance; Image Credits: Booking.com


Hotel Hoxton in Barcelona epitomizes the transformative power of design in curating an exceptional hotel experience. The fusion of industrial chic, bohemian elegance, and local influences harmoniously captures the unique character of the city. From the moment guests step into the hotel, they are immersed in a world of artistic expression and contemporary sophistication. Whether you are an avid design enthusiast or a traveller seeking an authentic and unforgettable stay, Hotel Hoxton in Barcelona beckons as a must-visit destination, promising an extraordinary journey through the captivating design sensibilities that define the city.

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