Traversing the Tapestry of Art, Antiques, and Individualism in Beyond Designs’ Interior Mastery

Within the intricate tapestry of interior design, Beyond Designs emerges as an avant-garde force, skillfully weaving together the threads of contemporary and classical aesthetics. Their commitment to achieving visual harmony serves as the cornerstone for projects that transcend the boundaries of time, giving rise to an entirely novel aesthetic language. This interview penetrates the essence of Beyond Designs’ design philosophy, delving into the profound influences of maximalism, art, and antiques and intricately unravelling the methods employed to craft spaces that exude individuality. As the founders generously share insights into their extensive portfolio, particularly in the realm of residential projects for distinguished personalities, the discourse unveils the covert strategies employed to capture the distinctive essence and preferences of each client. A journey unfolds through the nuanced interplay of global and Indian influences, portraying the fusion of eclectic styles and cultural nuances that not only captivate the eye but also stir emotions. The dialogue gracefully concludes with an expedition into the meticulous realm of detail, where Beyond Designs’ evolution from a modest manufacturing unit to a flagship store is unveiled. This journey unravels the threads of innovation and reinvention, illustrating how Beyond Designs continuously breathes new life into classical styles, ensuring their relevance in the ever-evolving spaces of the future.


Delve into the intricacies of incorporating diverse influences while maintaining a deep connection with Indian heritage. Join us in creating spaces that captivate the eye and stir emotions


Foyer (F): How does Beyond Designs achieve a balance between a contemporary and classical design ethos in its projects?
Beyond Designs (BD): When curated intentionally with careful consideration to visual harmony, contemporary and classical design ethos come together wonderfully, giving rise to a new aesthetic template.


F: In what ways does your passion for maximalism, art, and antiques influence the overall aesthetic of Beyond Designs’ interiors?
BD: Our passion for maximalism, art, and antiques is at the core of Beyond Designs’ design ethos, resulting in the multi-sensory experiences the interiors offer. It allows us to create stunningly bold, opulently layered, and creatively charged environments.  


F: Previously, you have mentioned creating highly individualistic spaces. How does this approach manifest in the customisation of furniture, furnishings, and accessories in Beyond Designs’ projects?
BD: Maximalism allows for high personalisation of spaces, as all the things one loves can be incorporated into it. Diverse styles, objects, colours, and patterns of one’s choice can be creatively blended into one whole space. That is where the customisation of furniture pieces, furnishings, and accessories comes into play, reflecting individualistic aesthetics.


Discover how each project becomes a canvas for capturing the essence and preferences of clients, creating spaces that are as unique as the individuals who inhabit them


F: Both of you have an impressive repertoire of residential projects for well-known personalities. How do they ensure that each project reflects the unique personality and preferences of the client?
BD: Since every furniture piece, the panelling, lights, and most décor objects are specifically designed and created in-house for each project, we capture the essence of the personality of our clients in their spaces.

F: How do you incorporate eclectic influences from around the world while maintaining a connection with Indian culture in your designs?
BD: It is about curating an impactful and harmonious visual language that is rich in art, culture, and heritage from disparate styles and genres. 


F: Can you elaborate on how you encourage an emotional as well as an aesthetic response in the onlooker through the merging of different cultural influences?
BD: Culture always incites an emotional response; it touches people’s hearts. When showcased aesthetically, it has a stronger emotional impact. It elevates one’s spirits and uplifts moods.



Explore the art of customization, where every detail, from furniture to accessories, reflects the unique personality of the client. Join us on a journey of multi-sensory experiences and bespoke design


F: The mention of scaled-up accessories, layered textures, and multiple décor features suggests a detailed approach. How does Beyond Designs ensure that every small detail is considered in their end-to-end services?
BD: Our style emphasises a detail-oriented, ornate, and multi-layered approach to design. As a result, no surface, furniture, decor object, or artwork is bereft of detailing or opulent decor. Since we handle projects end-to-end, we ensure that every inch of the space has the stamp of our style.

F: Beyond Designs specializes in custom-made furniture, lights, and accessories. How does the customization process contribute to the uniqueness and exclusivity of their designs?
BD: When we consciously work towards creating a unique vision for each project, we are constantly trying to incorporate the brief and lifestyle preferences of our clients. So each time, a unique design language is born. 


Step into the world of Beyond Designs, where passion for maximalism, art, and antiques is the driving force behind opulently layered and creatively charged interiors


F: Starting with a 500 sq ft manufacturing unit in 2003 to the flagship store at MG Road in 2018, how have you evolved over the years regarding its design philosophy and business approach?

BD: We have passionately kept up with the innovation and creative reinterpretation of the classic genre in all its glory for modern times. Thinking out of the box and implementing interesting tweaks, we continue to reinvent age-old styles for the spaces of the future. And that has worked for us.

F: In what ways does Beyond Designs balance old-world charm with contemporary finesse in its collections, and how does this resonate with the preferences of today’s customers?
BD: Many customers today appreciate the artistry, richness and heritage value of age-old crafts and design styles. Since our philosophy is to bring this enchanting quality into our designs for contemporary times through meaningful tweaks, it easily resonates with them.


Join us as we delve into the profound influences of maximalism, art, and antiques, unravelling the methods that breathe life into spaces of unparalleled individuality


In the realm of Beyond Designs, the synergy between contemporary dynamism and classical elegance is not just a design choice; it’s a manifesto of creativity. Their projects are not mere spaces; they are narratives of a delicate equilibrium, where the past converges with the present to create a unique aesthetic paradigm. The infusion of maximalism, art, and antiques breathes life into their interiors, transforming them into immersive sensory experiences. Each insight shared by the founders reveals a commitment to crafting spaces that go beyond functionality, encapsulating the very essence of the individuals who inhabit them. The global and Indian influences seamlessly intertwine, creating a cultural tapestry that elicits both emotional and aesthetic responses. As we navigate the evolution of Beyond Designs, from its humble origins to a flagship store, it becomes evident that this is not merely a brand but a testament to the perpetual pursuit of innovation. Beyond Designs stands as a living testament to the reinvention of classical styles, ensuring they resonate vibrantly in the spaces that shape our future.

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