A Coalescence of Fine Artisanship, Outstanding Innovation and Quality Material is What Makes Handcrafted Creations From These Ateliers Stand Out

In an era where almost everything is mass-produced and machines are taking over everything, the beauty and power that handcrafted objects hold is unmatched. There is an array of illustrious Indian designers that curate exquisite handmade objects. Considering that home decor is one of the very first things that catches the eye and the fact that its market is burgeoning, artists curating these bespoke pieces need to be brought to the limelight. Craftsmanship is the bone of the exquisite handmade items that catch our eyes in an instant; this luxury is solely shaped by the hands of the artisans behind these curations. This industry is poised to touch USD 838 billion by 2027 compared to USD 616.6 billion in 2019, and these magnificent objects that make up a significant part of the industry are coveted creations that come from some of these ateliers.

1. Ira Udaipur by Astha Khetan

Launched in 2022 by the House of Things founder Astha Khetan, Ira Udaipur has been in the making for two years before it launched. The brand is a celebration of Indian craft traditions and the stories they weave. Its debut collection titled ‘The Leopard and The Lake’ is theatrical, minimal, folkloric and opulent all in one go. A coalescence of India’s rich culture intertwined with architectural motifs make the collection a must-have. From dinner sets to swizzle sticks to vases to tea boxes to whatnot, every item from Ira Udaipur brings about an esoteric display of Rajasthani craft at its finest.

2. Viya by Vikram & Diya Goyal

Celebrated for its dramatic masterpieces that blur the line between design, furniture and art, Viya is a New Delhi-based studio led by sibling duo Vikram and Diya Goyal. Celebrated for their contemporary works of sculptural design, the sibling duo curate a cocktail of cultural heritage with modernity. Inspired by traditional Indian motifs, Brutalism, Art Deco, Moderne and Psychedelic Art, the Goyal siblings’ eclectic work is deeply rooted in fine Indian craftsmanship.

Their original designs employ centuries-old methods once patronised by royal families and now, you can own these pieces too.

3. Ashiesh Shah Atelier by Ashiesh Shah

Known for his practice rooted in the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, designer Ashiesh Shah is a true tastemaker in the architectural world. A self-described eclectic collector, his taste spans centuries and continents and is very visible in his work. His atelier amalgamates experimentation, craftsmanship and inventiveness in its very essence. Each object curated here weaves a narrative of evolving aesthetics.

4. Objectry by Aanchal Goel

Aanchal Goel worked with metal for around three years before she realised that her step is to experiment with wood and Objectry is that experiment which turned out to be better than expected. With an objective of finding joy and celebrating the simplicity of design, Goel’s design sensibility paired with Indian artisanship results in pieces that are quirky yet utilitarian. Displaying crisp curves and edges, Objectry is an attempt to make everyday things interesting by incorporating their traditional values.

5. Ravi Vazirani Design Studio by Ravi Vazirani

A boutique practice nestled in the lush cul-de-sac in Mumbai, Ravi Vazirani’s design studio is driven by aesthetics and real-life stories around us. Taking inspiration from everything he encounters, at his design studio, no two designs are alike. With an amazing grasp of minimalism and an understated aesthetic, Vazirani has designed plenty of celebrity homes for the T. Qit.A is the brainchild of this self-taught designer who likes going out of his comfort zone. This furniture brand is where he has explored old-school techniques of sand casting and wood-turning amongst other brilliant techniques.

6. Baro Design by Siddharth Sirohi

This Mumbai-based firm by Siddharth Sirohi brings about design into our daily lives through its focus on handcrafted furniture and lighting. Sirohi’s aim is to create and curate powerful objects that inspire us to pause, reflect and (re)discover ourselves. Baro Design is a celebration of the slow passage of time expanding each simple moment to its fullest. With expertise in reclaimed Teak, every product of theirs is manufactured in a workshop in Mumbai to ensure the highest standards of quality and finish.

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