Grain by Elgin: A Harmonious Blend of Tenacious Vivacity and Ingenious Spatial Planning for Coffee Connoisseurs

Tucked away inside the sprawling heart of Ranjit Avenue, Grain by Elgin is a beautiful marriage of grounded materiality and discernible serenity whilst the monochrome sensibility makes for an eternal muse. A capacious 5,000 square feet space, Grain has been conceptualised by Sanjay and Sanchit Arora of Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio in Amritsar, Punjab. Elgin’s newest enterprise, Grain brings an international coffee house’s feel within the reach of patrons. A laid-back and multi-functional space, the space is dipped in hues of neutral colours with a warm wooden décor offering a decorous space for people to enjoy wholesome brunches and some artisanal coffee.


Cafe Grain by Elgin employs thoughtful spatial planning and layout to optimise the functionality and comfort of the space. The cafe is divided into distinct zones, each serving a specific purpose while maintaining a cohesive design language; Image credits: Niveditaa Gupta


Minutes away from the iconic Golden Temple, Grain is a space that allows for relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. ‘Almost unpretentious, bare yet far from austere’ is the best way to capture the essence of Grain. A round-the-clock space which strikes the perfect equilibrium between work and rejuvenation, Grain is people’s escape to get their morning cuppa through to the last beverage which goes on till the wee hours of the night! Taking inspiration from Japandi style design, Grain’s spatial identity is soused with clean lines, modern silhouettes, functional elements, and natural materiality whilst the space remains an organic extension of the subcontinent.


The open seating area near the entrance allows for social interactions and provides a vibrant atmosphere. The arrangement of tables and chairs creates a sense of community, encouraging conversation and connection; Image credits: Niveditaa Gupta


As Amritsar’s choicest café, Grain is synonymous with an inviting ambience, delectable brews, sumptuous meals, and an inherent sense of warmth. The carefully curated space would be tough competition for a whimsical hole-in-the-wall java shop tucked away in New York City. The deliberate selection of materials created a curated palette that gives the space a consistent and continuous monochromatic identity. This allows the visual elements to engage with the space as a unified entity, ensuring that the experiential value of the atmosphere takes centre stage.


The soft neutral tones, such as warm beige and subtle grey, create a calming and inviting atmosphere. These colours serve as a versatile backdrop for the rich wooden furniture and fixtures that add a touch of elegance and sophistication; Image credits: Niveditaa Gupta


Imagine the warm, brownish tone and rich aroma that emanates from coffee beans when they are steeped in water. The process of steeping is slow, mindful, and liberating in its essence. By immersing oneself in this therapeutic phenomenon and paying homage to the artisanal brewing methods practised at the location, a hazel brown shade fills the space, enveloping everything it touches. The flooring, consisting of a dynamic chequered pattern crafted from burnished ochre Jaisalmer stone and modest greige terrazzo, adds a raw and nostalgic quality to the expansive area.


Soft, warm lighting fixtures are strategically placed to provide an intimate and cosy atmosphere. The gentle glow of pendant lights and wall sconces creates an inviting aura, making patrons feel at ease and encouraging them to stay and savour their experience; Image credits: Niveditaa Gupta


Coffee drinking is an experience; a pivotal part of a coffee connoisseur’s daily routine. Keeping that in mind, Grain has thoughtfully mastered the coffee-drinking experience through this vast space. Pieced together by placing an overarching perception of its ambience at its nucleus, Grain is a space devoid of any obstructions. With its open layout, Grain expresses itself in an uninterrupted language of curves and lines, which makes for a crisp and precise look. Preserving the quintessential touch that Elgin Hospitality has to offer, Grain takes it a step ahead with its ingenious culinary delicacies in addition to its wholesome brews. Each item being offered here is packed with handpicked, fresh and flavoursome ingredients.


Whether it’s a small gathering of friends or an individual seeking solace, these well-designed spaces at Grain by Elgin caters to different preferences and accommodate diverse needs; Image credits: Niveditaa Gupta


With a capacity to accommodate approximately 120 customers at a time, the carefully designed layout of Cafe Grain by Elgin efficiently delineates various functional zones, including administration, a commercial kitchen, an open coffee bar front, and diverse seating arrangements to cater to different groups of customers. Throughout the day, the interior space is bathed in natural light from the northeastern and northwestern directions. The light enters the space through the glass thresholds and woven rattan blinds, casting ever-changing shadows and creating an enchanting play of light and shadow. The dominant hue within the cafe is a light wood veneer, which envelops the area and the minimalist furniture, emphasising the pervasive presence of this colour.


The design elements chosen for the cafe reflect its philosophy of providing a unique dining experience that combines comfort, quality, and culinary excellence; Image credits: Niveditaa Gupta


The indoor floor plan gradually unfolds, creating a sense of separation from the outside surroundings. On the right side, a secluded break lounge area beckons customers for gatherings, casual meetings, and relaxation. Sinuous continuous seats, meandering overhead lighting fixtures, and abundant in-built planters integrated into the curving seats contribute to the tranquil and inviting atmosphere of this space. The heart of the main area is dominated by the seating bay, which consists of a variety of community tables and secluded seating nooks. These spaces are artfully adorned with indoor plants that interrupt the prevailing brown colour scheme, adding a playful touch to the ambience. Adjacent to this seating bay is the open coffee bar, designed to resemble charming boulangerie fronts, complete with folding wooden shutters suspended from the top.


From the intricate patterns on the tiles to the upholstery on the furniture, the attention to tactile details adds depth and character to the design. Patrons can appreciate the subtle texture of fabrics and the smooth surfaces of carefully chosen materials, enhancing their sensory experience; Image credits: Niveditaa Gupta


Flanking the central zone, the multilevel amphitheatre-style seating provides guests with a casual and flexible space to relax, engage in conversations, gather, and enjoy a fresh perspective of the surroundings. The seating is accompanied by sprouting pedestal tables, offering a place to rest drinks or belongings. Throughout the venue, wooden spheres serve as a recurring motif, positioned as if in a state of rest, adding an artistic element to the overall aesthetic of the cafe. Each element has been baptised in an Indian DNA through locally sourced materials and craftsmanship.


The attention to detail, from the selection of furniture to the smallest decorative elements, showcases the cafe’s dedication to craftsmanship and premium quality; Image credits: Niveditaa Gupta


A zealous blend of aesthetic harmony and spatial planning, Grain exudes a chic and cosy atmosphere with its understated elegance at its core. A zen-like virtue devours the space making it a truly exceptional sensory journey. A buoyant space that grounds one’s senses, Grain by Elgin offers a plethora of experiences woven into the tapestry of the venue.

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