A Harmonious Fusion of Design, Gastronomy, and Cultural Heritage: Unveiling the Allure of Soho House Bangkok

Soho House, a globally recognized member’s club, was founded by Nick Jones in 1995. With a remarkable presence in 41 cities worldwide (with upcoming houses in Mexico City and Portland), Soho House & Co. has evolved beyond traditional clubhouses to encompass an array of offerings such as restaurants, and workspaces through Soho Work, and the renowned interior design and retail brand Soho Home. The essence of every Soho House lies in its meticulous design, striving to provide a unique “home away from home” experience tailored to the local members it serves. From the carefully selected furniture and captivating artwork to the thoughtfully curated food and beverage options, every element within a Soho House reflects the distinctive characteristics of the community, culture, and vibrant creative scene of the city it resides in.


Behind the vision, there stood a creative genius – Nick Jones, the mastermind and founder of SOHO House. With boundless passion and an eye for detail, he wove together the threads of art, culture, and luxury to create an empire of exclusive havens for the dreamers and artists of our time; Image Credits: SOHO House


The latest establishment of the lot is Soho House Bangkok which is a direct response to the existing group of loyal Cities Without Houses members who have found their creative haven within the bustling city of Bangkok. These members sought connection with like-minded individuals within the local creative community and desired access to the Houses, bedrooms, and Studios during their international ventures. Their invaluable advice and feedback have been pivotal in shaping the identity of Soho House Bangkok, ensuring that it genuinely represents and embodies the spirit of the local community.


Lost in the urban wonderland of Bangkok, where the charm of SOHO House beckons with its chic ambience and luxurious hospitality. Each moment spent here is a symphony of art, culture, and inspiration; Image Credits: SOHO House, Bangkok


Nestled within the Sukhumvit neighbourhood on Soi 31, Soho House Bangkok proudly opened its doors on February 20’ 2023. The House occupies a captivating colonial-style building, once known as the Eugenia Hotel, which exudes charm and historical significance. This transformation into Soho House Bangkok required an immersive and transformative design process led by Sophie Baker and her dedicated team. They devoted a substantial amount of time and effort to fully immerse themselves in the local culture, history, and creative scene of the vibrant city. This thorough research and exploration allowed them to gain a profound appreciation for Bangkok’s unique energy, serving as the foundation for their thoughtful and inspired design approach. Collaboration played a pivotal role in the success of the Soho House Bangkok project. Sophie and her team worked closely with a remarkable group of individuals, including highly skilled contractors, a talented local design and management team, as well as various artisans and craftsmen. This collaborative spirit fostered a strong sense of synergy and teamwork, resulting in the seamless execution of the design vision.


Captivated by the soul-stirring allure of SOHO House Bangkok, where the city’s vibrant energy meets the serene sanctuary of artistic brilliance. The fusion of cultures and modern amenities here leaves an indelible mark on our hearts; Image Credits: SOHO House, Bangkok


Preserving the historical integrity of the colonial villa while infusing it with modern design elements presented an exciting challenge that Sophie and her team embraced with enthusiasm. They meticulously studied the original architecture and layout, ensuring that the domestic ambience and charm of the villa were preserved throughout the transformation process. By selectively removing internal walls and reconfiguring spaces, they crafted a functional flow that remained true to the original spirit of the building. The facade, paying homage to the colonial roots of the villa, was preserved and enhanced, while the lush garden at the rear was carefully nurtured to maintain its serene and oasis-like atmosphere.


A symphony of sophistication and grace resonates through SOHO House Bangkok. With every moment spent here, we are transported into a world where luxury intertwines with creativity. It’s a haven for dreamers and adventurers alike; Image Credits: SOHO House, Bangkok


The interior design of Soho House Bangkok serves as a testament to the exceptional artistry of Soho House Design, the in-house team responsible for creating captivating spaces across the globe. Drawing inspiration from the rich local crafts found in Bangkok, the interiors boast an abundance of silk fabrics, native wood joinery, traditional Thai architectural details, and locally crafted ceramic works. Tropical patterns and the extensive use of local plants throughout the property contribute to the creation of a tranquil sanctuary within the vibrant and bustling city.

Soho House Bangkok’s first floor unfolds as a captivating blend of architectural features, locally crafted elements, and inviting spaces. As members step into the cosy lobby, they are greeted by a marble-topped reception desk and custom ceramic lights, setting the tone for a distinct and welcoming ambience. Moving through the atrium, adorned with a hand-painted fresco by a local artist, members reach the Garden Bar—an inviting, light-filled space with a striking wood and leather bar that seamlessly opens up to the alluring pool and garden area. The chequered marble floor extending into the pool, surrounded by lush landscaping and custom fabric daybeds, creates an enchanting oasis. In the evenings, the Lounge Bar offers a captivating and moody atmosphere with its cracked eggshell tables and silk craft walls. This first floor of Soho House Bangkok perfectly captures the unique spirit of the House while celebrating the vibrant energy that defines the city.


Discovering new perspectives and experiencing the art of living at SOHO House. Bangkok. With its seamless blend of contemporary luxury and timeless elegance, this haven ignites our passion for life and redefines our love for the city; Image Credits: SOHO House, Bangkok


The second floor of Soho House Bangkok is dedicated to the House Kitchen, a refined dining area that provides an elevated culinary experience for both members and guests. With its delightful tropical charm and meticulous attention to detail, the House Kitchen offers a comfortable and stylish setting for up to one hundred individuals. The design boasts large ceiling fans, soft rattan furniture, and an outdoor terrace adorned with an elegant rattan awning, creating a serene oasis within the heart of the city. Natural materials and lush greenery further enhance the tranquil ambience. Adjacent to the House Kitchen, two private dining rooms offer an intimate and exclusive space for special gatherings, exemplifying the commitment to exceptional hospitality and creating unique and memorable dining experiences for members.


A rendezvous with art, culture, and pure indulgence at SOHO House, Bangkok. As we sip on creativity and savour the flavours of luxury, time seems to slow down, allowing us to bask in the joy of this unforgettable experience; Image Credits: SOHO House, Bangkok


Moving up to the third floor, members are welcomed into a captivating space that combines intimacy with artistic flair. The lounge area is characterised by mesmerising blue tones, a painted glass ceiling, and a sophisticated bar, creating an inviting atmosphere. Beyond the lounge lies the main events room, featuring a gathered silk ceiling, custom fabric walls depicting the stunning Thai landscape, and comfortable seating facing the stage. This floor serves as a vibrant hub for fostering connections, hosting live music events, and providing members with unforgettable experiences. It embraces artistic expression and encourages community engagement within the House.


With every step you take in SOHO House, Bangkok, you’ll find yourself immersed in a realm of artistic wonders. From the rooms to the common areas, the space speaks the language of sophistication; Image Credits: SOHO, Home


Throughout the entire design process, the guest experience remained a top priority. Sophie and her team aimed to create an environment that exuded comfort and familiarity, ensuring that guests would feel at home away from home. Carefully selected furniture with a domestic ambience was chosen to provide guests with a space where they could truly relax and unwind. Thoughtfully curated warm, soft lighting enhanced the inviting atmosphere, while the curation of location-specific music added to the sensory experience, further immersing guests in the local culture and creative scene.

Sustainability was prioritized in the design of Soho House Bangkok. Local sourcing and repurposing minimized environmental impact. Vintage furniture and local artisans reduced the need for new production. Materials were sourced within Asia to minimize shipping. The design drew inspiration from the building’s history and Bangkok’s vibrant spirit. It honoured architectural details while adding a modern twist. Local culture and the city’s atmosphere were embraced and celebrated. Soho House Bangkok seamlessly integrated into the cityscape, reflecting its charm and vibrancy. It felt like a natural extension of the local culture.


Dreams come alive at SOHO House, Bangkok, where the essence of Bangkok’s charm meets the sophistication of refined living. This place echoes with inspiration, making every moment here a canvas of possibilities; Image Credits: SOHO House, Bangkok


Another marvellous addition is the art collection at Soho House Bangkok which is a testament to the vibrant contemporary Thai art scene. Featuring artworks by local artists, the collection offers a captivating glimpse into the country’s artistic heritage. It is part of one of the largest private art collections in the world, with over 8,000 artworks displayed across Soho House venues globally. The collection enriches the House’s design and serves as a platform for engagement with the creative community. It showcases emerging and established artists, contributing to the local art ecosystem and fostering dialogue among members. Guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a diverse range of artistic expressions, from paintings to sculptures and digital artworks. The art collection inspires creativity, encourages cultural exchange, and enhances the overall Soho House experience in Bangkok.

Furthermore, the culinary experience at Soho House Bangkok is a fusion of international favourites and locally-inspired creations. Led by Executive Chef Kesinee Damrongsakul, the kitchen team presents a menu that showcases a delightful blend of Every House dishes and Thai specialities. Members and guests can savour iconic Soho House classics like the Dirty Burger and Mac and Cheese, alongside Chef Kaew’s Local House creations, including Pomelo Salad, Grilled Pork Neck, and Choo Chi Grouper. The menu is complemented by a carefully curated beverage selection by Club Manager Ben Sorum, featuring cocktails that highlight fresh local ingredients. Whether guests choose to indulge in familiar flavours or embark on an exploration of Thai cuisine, dining at Soho House Bangkok promises a diverse and memorable culinary journey.


In the heart of Bangkok’s vibrant rhythm lies an oasis of refined luxury – welcome to SOHO House, Bangkok. Let the city’s energy fuel your creativity as you indulge in the comfort of this exquisite space; Image Credits: SOHO House Bangkok


Soho House Bangkok stands as a remarkable testament to the power of design in capturing the essence of a city, providing a truly immersive and memorable experience for its esteemed members and guests. Throughout the space, Bangkok’s vibrant creative community and its rich history of craftsmanship are celebrated, making Soho House Bangkok a captivating destination that beautifully reflects the spirit of the city.

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