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10 Simple Ways To Revive Your Spaces for the Summer of 2023

With the onset of summer come increasing temperatures and a time to rejuvenate our humble abodes and breathe new life into our spaces. Summer is the perfect opportunity to bring in the whites, the florals, the prints and all things vibrant. This is the time to awaken from the hibernation of layers, rid the home of the dust accumulated over the long winter and swap the pastels for some vivacious hues. Let’s make your homes ready for the summer of ‘23!

Image Credit: Sissy & Marley Interior Design
Image Credit: Sissy & Marley Interior Design

1. Opt for the whites and brights

Now some say a white home is boring and rather simplified, but often it is harder to attain simplicity. White, when paired with a natural palette and materials, can rather be sophisticated and layered. It’s interesting to understand the complexity with which white can be paired with neutral finishes like ash wood, light oak and even patina on wood. Adding contrasts, with an exquisitely framed piece of art or photograph, could add a lot more character to the space. In addition, styling with ceramic and textured vases could bring about a more rustic appeal. 

Image Credit: Live.Linen

2. Make the linen swap 

Linen is a natural fabric that is made with flax, hence, is more breathable than cotton. Linen, when used as bedding, helps regulate body temperature, making it an ideal choice for the peak summer months. In addition, it is an extremely durable fabric, which only becomes softer with every wash, lending it a very textured appeal. Moreover, this is a natural fabric that endows a rustic casual character to any space. 

Hotellgardiner - Så gör du_ Hotell-look | Gotain
Image Credit: Gotain

3. Add sheer curtains in common spaces

Curtains are an absolute necessity in any space, however opting for sheer curtains can help enable privacy, while still allowing diffused light to trickle in. Sheer curtains help illuminate a room, by only blocking some amount of light and hence create a serene and dreamy aura. A room without curtains can appear bare but sheer curtains provide you with the best of both worlds; make a space feel warm and cosy, while still keeping in a lot of the natural light. 


Image Credit: Amanda Louis Interiors 
Image Credit: Amanda Louis Interiors

4. Accessorise with bright colour

Colour used in the appropriate proportion and a suitable combination, can elevate the mood and evoke precise emotions. Summer, indeed, is a time to experiment with bright tonal combinations such as citrus and tangerines. There are several options where colour can be incorporated into a home. Colour-blocked or patterned cushions, contrast accessories like a table lamp, or even simply some fresh flowers, are just some of the ways to add colour to spaces. Have you tried it yet?

Summer Thornton’s remodeled 1870’s Chicago home

5. Bring visual order with stripes

Stripes endow a lot of definition and order to a space and have the ability to be a vivid visual element. Often when layering with several patterns and prints, stripes enable in providing structure and balance to the scheme. They can be used in an array of ways in every space, including on the walls as wallpaper, on furniture as upholstery, on the bed as a headboard panel, or even as a striped rug for flooring. Using different types of stripes, balanced or unbalanced, can create visual interest and contrast, so go ahead and experiment with stripes. 

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A well balanced bath space with large sized traveller and areca palms.

6. Bring the outdoors indoor

The bibliophile trend has been doing its rounds for a while and is one that is here to stay. Plants like Areca palm, Rhapis palm and Snake plant, keep spaces around them cooler and also improve the air quality by removing the toxins from the air, something all spaces require with the declining air quality outdoors. Oversized plants also look good in any corner, however, they must be placed according to their light requirement. Those that require more sunlight, must be placed next to a window or a space where there is light coming in. 

An organized bath space is a treat to the eyes. Use trays and baskets to organize and declutter spaces at home.
An organized bath space is a treat to the eyes. Use trays and baskets to organize and declutter spaces at home.

7. Declutter spaces

As Marie Kondo believes, a cluttered space is believed to deliver bad energy!

With the onset of summer, the requirement for an extra blanket, lamp or a lot of the winter items is reduced. Packing all these additional items, and storing them for the winter months, might help in keeping spaces at home clutter-free. A space that is better organized and clean, allows for good energy and better focus.

Image Credit: Canggu Home
Image Credit: Canggu Home

8. Swap that lampshade

A table lamp can be a very playful accessory if you want it to be; something that can be refreshed from time to time. An interesting way to add colour and change the vibe of a space would be to switch the lampshade of a table lamp. Introducing lamp shades with prints, patterns and details such as a fringe or frill can accentuate an otherwise dull accessory. To lend a more rustic chic appearance, opt for a jute or straw lampshade. For a more boho-chic space, cane and rattan could work very well. The options in materials and prints, that are available for lampshades, are endless!

Image Credit: Lolly Jane
Image Credit: Lolly Jane

9. Repaint furniture in bright hues

Worn-out furniture that sometimes cannot be refurbished just by polishing, can be completely made new by painting it. Painting the furniture lends a very funky, playful yet immaculate vibe to a space. Summer is a time to add colour in the most vibrant ways. Experiment with all kinds of shades, see what works well with the kind of interiors and lighting in the space and ensure that your furniture ends up becoming a coruscating kaleidoscope of colours. 

Image Credit:  Jo Malone
Lime, basil and mandarin, by Jo Malone, a perfect summer scent for the home.
Image Credit: Jo Malone Lime, basil and mandarin, by Jo Malone, a perfect summer scent for the home.

10. Swap up for a summer scent

Homes that have a distinguished scent, often bring about the most distinguished memories. The decor is not just about visual appearance, but it should also invoke the other senses and emotions. Summer months are all about the citrus and floral scents. When looking at buying a diffuser or candle for home, look for citrus notes such as orange or lime, in addition to the spicy notes of bergamot and neroli. Certain scents have notes of basil, lemongrass and mint which are also wonderful for the summer. Always go by what feelings the scent evokes, some scents have the ability to transport us to destinations, and hence they are wonderful additions  to any space. 

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